Diana Lotesto 

Buyer - East Village Organics

One of the biggest challenges I face as a buyer every day is managing communication. Sometimes it seems like there is a never-ending line of brand owners, and brand representatives and salespeople who are trying to get ten minutes of my time so they can make a pitch I may not care about. And other days it seems like I want ten new products for the shop but I can't get in touch with any of the people who make them.
It's very frustrating but it's taught me to appreciate it when something not only makes communication easy, but also makes communication productive.


The Good Box sends me new products every month and instead of just waving those products in my face and then disappearing, The Good Box also supplies me with sell sheets, pricing info and an up to date list of distributors and contact handles. So now, if I see something I like, I also have the tools I need to literally, reach out and get it.

Pan's Mushroom Jerky is probably my biggest success story with The Good Box. I was aware of the product for about a month and tried everything I could think of, yes, including spamming their email inbox.  Anyway, a bag of the Zesty Thai Mushroom Jerky arrived in my Good Box and I had it on my shelves ten days later.  Now I probably order about 6 cases of Pan's every 2 months or so. It's a great product that has had amazing growth this past year.


Whenever I think about the chain of support and communication that allowed me to get my grubby little hands on it, I get misty-eyed.


Alexandra Braverman

Key Account Manager - Bear Nibbles

Experience with Good Food Company

Good Food Company was absolutely instrumental in establishing our foothold in the NYC Market.  Christina Bhan really knows her stores, buyers, and what products will succeed at which locations. 


One of the most beneficial aspects of the partnership was that Christina monitors products on the shelf and encourages the store buyers to reorder.  This tactic keeps our brands relevant and available when consumers go looking. 

Additionally, Good Food Company managed all of our demos and even presented opportunities for targeted sampling events.  One of our most successful sampling events was an NYC 5k sponsored by New Balance for kids & families.  Good Food Company made sure that participants received the product and a branded tote bag from our company, helping us increase exposure in the area!


Experience with The Good Box

We are so happy we participated in The Good Box!  This monthly box goes out to buyers all over the NYC area with product samples.  We had buyers stop by major trade shows and discuss innovation samples that they received as part of The Good Box.  Additionally, Good Food Company gave us the option to add sell sheets and distributor codes to make ordering even easier.  This was truly the best way to canvas the NYC market – highly recommend!

Good Food Company has proven to be an excellent partner for Mediterra.


With their enthusiasm, professionalism and hands on approach, the Good Food Company'team has managed to deliver fantastic results.

Telemaque Lavidas

Owner - Mediterra Nutrition

The day I met Christina from the Good Food Company was they day our business began to grow in a positive and upwards way.

Christina is dedicated to working to build business for us in a way that's ambitious and authentic and we are seeing tremendous success due to her efforts.


It is a pleasure to work with her, as she is both professional and friendly and easy to get along with.  


I feel lucky to have her on our team. 

Rachel Shamah

Owner - Brooklyn Whatever

Christina is a pleasure to work with. Her passion for great food is evident in the way that she pushes our brand.


Her intimate knowledge of the New York specialty food market has helped push us into many stores we couldn't have gotten into without her. 

Russel Hall

Owner - Fisher's Popcorn

Working With Christina Bhan and the Good Food Company has been a pleasure. She has gotten our products into some of the best stores in NYC through her hard work and enthusiasm for great foods. She has showcased and promoted them with her sales/demo team and helped me get my products branded. It’s been great working with the Good Food Company!

Heidi Eleftheriou

Owner - Heidi’s Raspberry Farm

It's been pleasure working with Christina for more than 2 years. She always thrives for getting us the best deal knowing the product demand in our store. She will make sure that one is being taken care of. 


Milan Shrestha

General Manager/Buyer - Battery Place Markets

It has been a pleasure to work for Christina Bhan and the Good Food Company.


She has created a fun, friendly, energetic and professional atmosphere with her company. 


Christina Bhan is open-minded to new, creative and progressive ideas in the approach to promoting clean, organic, and high quality foods. She believes full-heartedly in the quality of the products she represents, and promotes the clients she takes on with the integrity they deserve.


She chooses high quality products that speak for themselves and will make any client proud to have her backing and promoting their product. She treats each product and every client she represents like a new member of her family. 


I have enjoyed Christina Bhan as my boss because she is fair, understanding, and professional, and I am most grateful she selected me to be a member of the Good Food Company team. I wish her every success as her company continues to grow. 


Lea Kaemerer

Merchandising & Demo Coordinator