Good Food Company is a Sales & Marketing agency for food companies

We create successful Sales and Marketing Strategies by analyzing and identifying your sales strengths & weaknesses through your current Sales Data. 

With a clear understanding of your brand's position in the marketplace, we work together on increasing your sales numbers and enhancing your brand's visibility.

  1. Data Analysis Report Bundle

    • Distribution Management Report

    • Sales Progress Report

    • Buyers’ Feedback Report

    • Demo Performance Report 

  2. Sales & Marketing

    •  Strategy Plan

    • The Good Box (complimentary every 6 months - 1 sample

    • Monthly Demos (4/month)

    • Dedicated Demo Brand Ambassador

    • Demo Scheduling

    • Inventory Management

    • Re-Order Placement  

    • Territory Presence Growth/ New Accounts Rate


Our Sales and Marketing team can support you with the following:


We leverage our network of over 500 specialty and food markets in the NE

to help our clients expand their current market and increase sales.

Our Northeast Region Buyers are divided into 3 categories: